Tons of people are buying Fitbits, but are they actually using them?

Fitbit, maker of elastomer step-tracking bands and Wi-Fi-equipped scales, sold 4.5 million devices over the past few months, with revenues up 235 percent from a year ago. That’s according to the company’s second quarter earnings report, the first report since Fitbit went public in June.

One key metric absent from yesterday’s data? Active users.

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Fitbit’s co-founder and CEO James Park said that Fitbit won’t share this info on a quarterly basis, but annually — an avoidance tactic that could raise more questions about the long-term use of these types of activity trackers.

Until recently, the evidence was anecdotal: you probably know someone who loved their Fitbit or Jawbone or Samsung Gear Something for awhile, then tossed it in a drawer….

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