Timothy Prestero: Design for people, not awards

Timothy Prestero thought he’d designed the perfect incubator for newborns in the developing world — but his team learned a hard lesson when it failed to go …

Of course it’s much easier said than done. If it was easy, I’d do it, instead of leaving comments on a youtube video about people who are actually doing the work to fight the problem. :> If I had the answers to your excellent questions, I would send these people schematics of my idea. I can only hope that people with more intelligence than I have look into such things and consider the possible option of? a portable blanket that can help these babies. If it’s not feasible, then so be it.

Am I? being trolled? I think I just saw… no.. no no… an intelligent comment on Youtube? Top comment?!? Thanks, now I have brain cancer…

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“I’ve? got a great idearr”
Clyde Donovan laughs, gives him a dollar bill.
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Yup, this was addressed in an earlier comment. The blanket could be a part-time thing, or a supplement to the larger blue light if the blanket can’t be used all the time, but there are blankets out there that claim to cool you down, so who knows, maybe that innovation can be incorporated into it.?

And the incubator and the light contraptions need to be lifted up, if the mother wants to hold the baby,? *or* the mother could just take the baby out and hold the baby without any of that. The incubator and contraptions have cables attached to them, also.

If they make electric blankets with LEDs in them, then they’l have electric blankets with lights in them.

What you describe is also not good, but it would at least encourage people to start to think.
We have to give trust in their thinking, else we would stamp them as immature. And we are not allowed to? do that. We must believe in the intelligence of a homo sapiens, else we would either deny ourselves as intelligent human beings OR and this is much worse: make ourselves more intelligent than others and THINK that the others cannot be as intelligent as we are. But they can, because they are humans!

Why would it need to lie still? If the baby is covered by the blanket, it? can fidget all it wants.

Google images “baby sleep positions” – I have newborn at home – it is all true 🙂
As he said, need to? create items for reality that is not what you want it to be.

On a very broad philosophical level, you are right. But, I am not sure how that would? translate into product design. What exactly are you suggesting? I was just trying to explain my understanding of the phrase ” there are no dumb users”, i.e. have in mind that the device might be used by people, who are not professionals in a particular field, consider many possible difficulties in the field use. It does not have anything to do with evaluating users’ intelligence relative to one’s own.

Or you could swaddle the baby and wrap it tighter than a sausage. :>

Yup, my reaction was to the mothers covering the children with blankets,? denying the children the blue light therapy. A blanket generating blue light would solve that issue, but I took it to the next level with replacing the machine with the blanket. there would be issues, as many have brought them up, but it seems like it would be better than what we have now.

Lights with specific spectrum requirements are expensive. My Seasonal Affective Disorder light cost over $200, and it has only a single fixture. I am doubtful that a blanket with many lights can be cost effective, AND cover as much skin as this design. Great idea though. Keep thinking outside? the box.

Learning from your failures? is important. They never would have built a successful second part without bombing part one. We need MORE stories of failures leading to success.

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Fe del Mundo she was the first who invented the incubator and she is a Filipino : )?

How typically ted. Instead of playing host to deeper? philosophical/theoretical thinking, go with the happy-go-lucky preachers.

Business tries to make as much money of old design before the sale the new products.? Like cell phones. The old technology is given to you with a contract at a lower price. It’s like the evolution of insects.

Yes, this point was made before. However, since the babies are newborn, swaddling might be appropriate. ?