Revolution in Art & Design using 3D Printing | Objet for Neri Oxman

As seen on the Objet blog: A special thanks to MIT Media Lab’s Neri Oxman, Peter Schmitt (3D printed clock) & Amit Zoran (3D printed f…

@10:16 She says that the year 20012 is the new 1440. Well, it might be but it’s a bit early to? tell.

I think that we can come up with new interesting ideas if we focus on the Materials.
I mean, each material has it’s own nature…not just 3D printing.

If we take? an ice cube, its form will change depending of the external temperature.
(This is the nature of the water)

Rocks can change its form with the wind or the rain.

3D printing is new for me, but maybe there are other ways to model materials, depending of their properties.


she is so astounding looking. I feel bad that I notice (I’m a straight woman) but she sticks out in a more that 1:100 sort of? way…more beautiful than even many models…as well as talented and brilliant. I wonder if her looks got in the way for her at all. Very beautiful women sometimes have trouble because people assume they get ahead for that…and sometimes other women are resentful and men distracted. In any case, her ideas are really cool…that chaise longue that adapts is pretty amazing

jealous of beauty brains and talent per chance? her success especially being promoted to MIT? faculty belies your point very solidly

Sometimes too, it’s not the sex of a person that is attractive. Though she is? great looking. What drew me in was that she is completely focused. She knows her stuff and loves what she is doing. Not many can say that. I’m discovering 3D printing myself and am pursuing an educational background to support this desire in me. It is exciting. Incredibly creative. I get what you’re saying. She does have a universal charm.

I’m? graduating school next semester, I’ve been studying 3d modeling is this a market for 3d artists?

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Found the video? very interesting , I had a lot of trouble hearing Neri , the background music level is way to high.

Damn she is mesmerizingly beautiful. Definitely made artificially in? a lab, maybe by one of the advanced 3D printers they are not telling us about.