John Maeda: How art, technology and design inform creative leaders

John Maeda, President of the Rhode Island School of Design, delivers a funny and charming talk that spans a lifetime of work in art, design and technology, c…

He seems to be advocating more micomanaging. Personally,? I perform MUCH worse when I know someone is monitoring me, and may step in at any moment. I just get nervous; I need to be left alone to accomplish my best work.

the ideas he speaks of and what you refer to are different. Someone stepping in and telling you exactly how to do whatever it is you are doing is micromanaging. His ideas are for leaders to develop themselves in a way to manage their business without doing this. Also, I’d? like to point out: “I need to be left alone to accomplish my best work.” This is exactly what a creative leader should be doing. 🙂

The only real substance for the talk was in the last two minutes. The rest was the speaker showing off previous work. If he had gone more into about how technology and design were going to change people’s lives that would have been one thing. However, he got caught up in process. Which, for the record, is a problem common at RISD. Process is interesting? but not important.

I disagree with him. Art is no magic – but another? form of communication (at least).

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I am delighted with a defense of Art that works. Management and? power brokers are the new black; but Art can help them and us get by.

Wow this es one of the worst TED talks I’ve ever seen. In special because? the douche with art and math degrees didn´t stop talking about how much he is an Apple cultist and consumer.

Seemed digressive? a little bit to the title and I did not really get the idea or the point of those typing letters, even though they were fun indeed.

Seemed digressive? a little bit to the title and I did not really get the idea or the point of those typing letters, even though they were fun indeed.

Seemed digressive a little bit to the title and I did not really get the? idea or the point of those typing letters, even though they were fun indeed.

that”talk nerdy to me” video and now this……I think we should be very selective? in watching TED talks….

is amazing the amount of useless stuff this guy done,that`s why u dont mix art and? math.

This TEDtalk definitely had SUBSTANCE, BUT there was just TOO MUCH? FLUFF and useless anecdotes (we get it, you like to experiment with things).

MAEDA FAILED to clearly communicate + CONNECT his initial QUESTIONS to his proposed SOLUTION (of how we can better utilize DESIGN), leaving the viewer with a sense of “INCOMPLETION.”


PS: Regardless, still love the man’s work.

who can tel me something? about this last sofware Maedas use for management? …..please help me , i had look for some like that … THANKS

Wow, a program able to monitor people and their interactions without having a kind of Minority Report level of privacy violation. ?

Image, sound, movies… But videogames break the cicle. You can’t have the same gameplay? tru all platforms. The videogame IS the game changer.

What’s so bad about the lecture material? He didn’t drive home is overall point, which apparently left some of you aimless and confused, but the point is that technology (as an extension of our biological limits) is developing at an? exponential rate and that it needs to be re-evaluated in order for innovation to continue at the accelerated pace (because we’re getting to repetitious). Being conditioned to appreciate ‘art’ is a big part of this new ‘paradigm’ of innovation.

He has a lot of philosophical undertones also. Lots of process philosophy? (i.e. Alfred N. Whitehead-esque material).

Does anyone know where to find this application. It sounds interesting, and I’d like to try? it out. Please comment if you have any information thank you.

This TEDTalk was all over the place, but still one of my favorites just for the? ideas and content Maeda brings up

I think he talked about the possibility of a creative leadership model as opposed to the traditional ones.

“Innovation = Art + Design”
I think that’s his point.

i. e. Innovation involves both technology and leadership, but innovation –as I understood he said one? way or another– is all about combining provocative artistic view points with what makes a good design. And that’s all that really “jazz”. A new tech shouldn’t have any value just because it’s new, just as an only old antique nothing.

If? you don’t know about the concept that made everything around us, John Maeda explained HOW things got together with bits and pieces of examples and the development process people don’t see because you only expect the final product.

Besides being a pretty interesting? talk, he’s got a great looking presentation. Does anybody know what software he probably used?

TYPE IN – Core King-Bryan? Clemons. Those one are, one leg bottle push ups are insane!!!!

he’s a great designer, philosopher and innovator, but when it comes to? fine arts he doesn’t have it.

someone gave him these slides 5 mins before he went on and he just? went with it, it was actualy suposed to be a talk about fonts

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