If it has wheels, it’s not a hoverboard

People are really excited about rideable scooters lately. Wiz Khalifa was arrested for riding one at the airport. J.R. Smith has started using them after games. Jamie Foxx brought one on Fallon.

Skrillex rides them around at shows, and even though he’s rich and famous, it comes

off as a chill and fun thing to do rather than a weird celebrity stunt like Kanye riding an elephant or something. And why not? Even the nicest two-wheelers are only $800, so it’s one of the cheaper Crazy Celebrity Things you can buy.

The problem is, people keep calling them hoverboards. It was right in the headlines for l’Affaire Wiz; The New York Times used the headline “Wiz Khalifa Arrested For Refusing To Get Off Hoverboard.” But he wasn’t on a hoverboard….

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