Google I/O 2013 – Cognitive Science and Design

Alex Faaborg This session will provide an in-depth look at human perception and cognition, and its implications for interactive and visual design. The human …

Just wanted to say thank you for posting this, I am not particularly well off, nor smart enough to actually do the work required to be useful at a conference like this, but I sure do love listening? to it. Thank you for making my day better with such an interesting talk.

Really helpful presentation. The examples and references to actual research are great.? Thanks


I look forward? to use many of your applications in my work and enjoyment of my Android.

Am going to share this presentation to provide stimulation of grey matter with others.

A mac is pretty good for software developers.. But why the fuck google uses? mac from apple?

Has any one notice. Google is using an Apple Pro Laptop on this Developer? Key Note 😮

A great talk. However, Alex? should refrain from advancing a computationalist/reductivist worldview by referring to people as “biological machines” that have “hardware” and are “designed” in a particular way. Designed by whom? And where does one buy that “hardware”. Sorry for turning this into a philosophical thing, but I think it’s important not to advance such paradigmes when speaking in public.

I think he is just using the words of his chosen field of study.? It is true, it would be preferable if he chose to say “‘evolved’ in a particular way…” but, it is just commonplace for him to use terms related to design and design theory through the parlance of his field.

Easy Google does not make computer and MAC is better than PC. Steve Jobs and Lawrence Edward were friends.? Jobs always admired him. I think you are confused by the problems between Apple and Samsung and that has nothing to do with android.

No, MAC is not better than? a custom assembled PC, it’s just more expensive and prefered by the snobs, most of them even don’t know the difference between a MAC and a PC, but they will get one because there are told it is the best and modern.? Also if you read the biography of Steve Jobs you will see that he is not a nice guy as most? of the people think. The brilliant engineer behind Apple was Wozniak.