Fractal Design Arc XL Full Tower Case Overview

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Beanmachine91 says:

it’s cool how pc cases look like the front ends of cars these days lol?

Aint1S says:

Now if the define could can take some more cues from the Arc, it would more
My money stays with the Arc.?

Js JavaScript says:

if this would be the new Tek data center I think I’m loven it, that space
looks to have un potencial mucho mayor de crecimiento, make them wood
floors come alive,?

DaArtfulVlogger . says:

Why do case makers make dust filters so hard to remove? It’s such an
important feature, I’m so glad these guys have caught on. I might consider
them for my next build.?

Bubba Lichvar says:

We happened to find an Arc XL hiding in the old office… And we decided it
was time to make a video on this beast.?

adadah Maadah says:

Too big for my taste! Good case though.?

GTX Hyperion says:

I love the unboxing intro.. nice case :)?

QuestionmarkX3 says:

I fell like Fractal is awesome with mid-towers but suck at full-towers.
They need to improve this line.?

626BARNEY says:

I have this case and use it as a personal computer. Good case. Good quality
just afew issues:
The front mesh has a faulty clip on mine where it allows it to wobble.
Using a h100i radiator in the top stops a 140mm fan being put in the 3rd
NOT QUIET any noise in the case can be heard outside.
Hard to get a solid air flow as the case is so big internally the fans need
to be powerful to make a flow through the case… And that makes noise
which it isn’t good at keeping in….

On the good side, dust filters are fantastic, I clean them every week by
taking them out and blowing from inside out, tons of dust comes out.
Also internal space is at no shortage, too much for me but allows ALOT of
expansion, if you want a massive water cooling loop? This is the case for
Good price for what it is, suggested to watercoolers, aircoolers look at
something smaller… ?

Deon7Dust says:

Nice full tower case!?

Zero47546 says:

i own this case and love it?

whiteWolf MNTKA says:

i got this case?

NoireMk2 says:

Where did Logan move to? ?

Bram Nijs says:

got horny for the arc mini long time ago starting around the first H100’s
coming out..than started yerking off to the arc midi..than came the
R2..SOL(I)D! now I’m getting the hots for this XL Tower, ravish me (deep)!!?

TheColorfulPube says:

As someone who has an ARC style case and a Define R4 case, I’d have to say
the R4 is a much better design.

The R4 makes less noise, looks nicer, and is easier to clean. Although,
this version seems a bit easier to clean than the older models.?

Sim RacingCore says:

I was wondering if the cable management was already done by Fractall Design
before you resive it??

Tim Nichols says:

where did you guys relocate to??

Trever Brice says:

omg…. did logan just give an opinion on aesthetics??

Roslan Farnstrand says:

what’s up.?

Samuel Bruno Aguiar Rodrigues says:

are you using gloves??

Melonguy says:

I’m pretty sure this can take ssi ceb, it is similar to eatx! Maybe ssi
meb, ssi eeb or hptx????

ARedneckSquirel says:

I have this case, I love this case <3?

Herrier Reirreh says:

Where is Logan now since he moved out Kentucky? I’m just curious.?

tanner romans says:

did you really live in kentucky awesome me to what county?

Bill Nguyen says:

This was my going to be my next case, but the Phanteks Enthoo Pro
completely changed my mind. Maybe Fractal (and other companies) will be
more competitive now haha.?

Rene Rant says:

Isn’t that motherboard bigger (wider) SSI EEB, not CEB??

Vortex1988 says:

I almost bought one of these recently for a rig rebuild, but I ended up
going for a CM Storm Trooper instead.?

prohunter gaming says:

guys could someone plz help me out i am building my pc soon and i neede a
ripjaws g.skill ram stick but i cant get that in my country waht other ram
stick could i get that would be still compatible woth the MSI B85M MB?

Victor Rumenov says:

I cannot recommend this case enough!!! Excellent build quality and
watercooling support , and its so beautiful !?

TheLawnWanderer says:

Disappointment seeing no cases with a atmospheric particle collector. ?

adadah Maadah says:

Too big for my taste! Good case though.?

Terror-Byte Gaming says:

Beautiful case!!?

madant1977 says:

Man, I just watched the 0113 and I think you should definitely do a video
with Wendell, all in hillbilly/redneck accent!?

nimrodery says:

A “rubber standard” is an amazingly silly way to lead an army into battle.?

Mr.Plow says:

And with that shovel in the background Logan buried all the dead CPU’s in
his backyard ?

bdbgh says:

Why did you guys move out of kentucky??

Chris Taylor says:

I just love Fractal’s take on pc cases, only few others compete.?

R0K99 says:

I’m not a big fan of the plastic on the arc series of cases.
I’d like to see some options with aluminum tops/fronts or ideally
aluminum/any other metal replacements for the plastic bits.
(Owner of a Arc Midi R2)?

thekingfallsdown says:

Four Usb 4 ports? Thinking far in the future aren’t you? xD?

SnifeThatNoob says:

Is this basically just a bigger Refine r4??

Tek Syndicate says:

We happened to find an Arc XL hiding in the old office… And we decided it
was time to make a video on this beast.?

ItsNotMax says:

I have the Fractal Design Arc 2 midi w/ window. Its literally a slightly
smaller version of this :D?

jpg1491 says:

I just ordered the Fractal Design Define R4. It has sound dampening which I
feel is a must for a case.?

Victor Rumenov says:

Also I modded my Arc XL and installed sound dampening material and there is
no difference between my Define r4 and this. But you have to be crafty and
you will spend money on the material itself ?

DummyHeadGamer says:

He said he moved out of Kentucky….Where does he live now??

ForTheViolence says:

Phanteks and the h440 changed the chasis game. This is so unimpressive it’s
not even funny. ?