Apple Design

Jony Ive talks about functional design. Cut from the documentary Objectified.

sorry Ive. But rounded corners are just plain fucking ugly. Square and angular is much more sexy. Buildings in the 60’s tried rounded corners on buildings. and they ended up looking like shit today

“what can we do to take 6 parts with one” Well you are clearly partially an engineer. Clearly you know if that one part has something on it break. Then you’d have to pay lots of money to replace that single part? instead of the smaller one.

apple fans never question things about the design of their products. Apple like every other company switches suppliers. Sometimes to get a better deal to save a? couple bucks in the long ron.

You’re dumb. You comparing? buildings to consumer products. He knows clearly whats ugly and whats not. You don’t.

haha i knew that would piss off alot of apple fans. I just simply disagree with rounded corners. The Imac does look ugly when you look? at it from the edge. The software is good on it though for photo editing and video editing and stuff. But i don’t need that. The best product apple ever made IMO was the ipod classic. And all it was was a big capacity hard drive that has a screen and plays music. But i still don’t like the ugly rounded corners. The droid razr looks way better than the iphone.

sorry to say this? but
people like you don’t have the sense of life
otherwise wouldn’t give such a comment

i cant give advice for your life go and find it from someone else!
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i don’t think aobut it
don’t talk before u? think
read my comment exactly and then answer

It’s about efficiency in functionality. It costs more because it’s higher quality and requires more thought. Aesthetics are second to functionality and purpose. Rounded corners feel more comfortable on your? hand than sharp edges, don’t you think?

I hardly notice at all with my droid razr. It fits comfortably in my hand and is very angular and pointy. and as for “higher quality” Even apple cuts corners? inorder to save on costs. Take the ipod for example. The generation before the classic had a much higher quality sound card. Now they switched to a much cheaper one with lower quality sound output. The motive was to save a couple hundred thousand.

even apple will cut corners to save. If there is anything apple is really good at though. it is heavily hyping alot of their products via mass marketing. and most of them are not that great as it is hyped out to be by their ads. Probably the only real good products for the masses where their handhelds that where a major and smash? hit of a success. in fact they made more profit selling those smaller and cheaper hand held devices than anything else. people could afford them

more people have more ipods and iphones that are connected to windows more often than macs. and not only that but there are more of those than there are macs ever sold. Macs probably accoutn for a much smaller portion of apples actual? profits. I’m guessing the largest chunk comes from software and licencing fees from the app store and a much larger percentage comes from hand held devices than they do on actual mac sales. actual profit earned from macs is small in comparison.

the only thing that recently got released that steve? jobs had nothing to do with was the ipad mini. Everything else had started planning before he died.

apple haters get the fuck out, the man did a lot for his company. don’t hate him for doing? that, you’re just either hating because you have a miserable life or you’re hating because you realize that apple has class and you don’t.

+1. Even in regards with the ipad mini, steve said in an email b4 he died to go and make a? prototype. He may have even seen the mini 🙂

I love listening to John Ive speak because you can tell there is equal parts: industrial? design genius, philosopher and artist. Although Jobs may have been the force pushing him to greater things, it’s his mind that deserves credit for the great designs that took Apple from the ashes into the company it is today.