25 Tricky Trivia Questions That Many People Get Wrong

You probably think you’re pretty smart right? Most of us do. When it comes to estimating our own intelligence we tend to overestimate it significantly. But when it comes to estimating the intelligence of others, we tend to underestimate it significantly. So when it comes to trivia questions, how good do you think you are? And these aren’t just pop culture questions either. These are questions from a wide variety of subjects ranging from geography and movies to science and business.

The one thing that most of these questions have in common though, is that most people don’t know them. People think they know them. But they don’t. For example, which one is farther north, Rome or New York City? New York City right? Wrong. It’s Rome. Just check a map. Rome is at 41.9 degrees north, while New York City is at 40.7 degrees north. You probably didn’t expect that did you? Most people wouldn’t. It’s interesting how our preconceived notions regarding the world around us can be so wrong. Today though, we’re going to tackle them head on and maybe even learn a thing or two along the way. These are 25 Tricky Trivia Questions That Many People Get Wrong!

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