10 People Who Might Be the Hottest Person In History


While the Maxim 100 does a pretty decent job at ranking the most attractive modern day celebrities, our present day makes up but a small portion of human history – so who were the hottest hotties of all-time? r/AskReddit sought out to find the answer to this question, and got some pretty solid responses:

1. Franz Liszt, a dude so handsome that women would get overexcited and faint at the very sight of him – to the degree that the whole concept has a medical term, Lisztomania (and a pretty good song, too)


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2. Arshad Khan, a tea seller who became a model after the internet exploded over his handsomeness.


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3. Queen Fawzia Fuad of Iran


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4. Cyrus the Great, who set the standard for beauty in Persia


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5. President Rutherford B. Hayes


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6. Shania Twain, scientifically-proven to have the perfect face.

People Who Might Be the Hottest Person In History

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7. China’s Four Most Handsome Men and The Four Beauties of China, two groups of individuals so attractive that they basically caused animals and nature itself to go insane.


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8. Joseph Stalin (a young hottie who also happened to be one of history’s greatest monsters)


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9. Rahab, known as one of the four most beautiful women in the world in the midrash (alongside Sarah, Abigail, and Esthe)


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10. Narcissus, a dude so hot that he stared at his own reflection until he died


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